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Oil and Gas prospecting

Low-Frequency Seismic Sounding (LFS) is a mobile and environmentally friendly technology of hydrocarbon prospecting.

Over 160 completed projects with total area more than 1300 sq. km confirms reliability of results. Efficiency of oil-saturation forecast is amounted to 85%.

The LFS technology is based on the analysis of spectral characteristics of natural seismic back-ground noise in low-frequency (1-10Hz) range.

LFS surveys can be successfully applied for:

  • Geophysical prospecting for oil & gas
  • Detailed works on the oil & gas fields
  • Delineation of oil & gas fields
  • Optimization of exploration and drilling
  • Identification of anomalous objects in geological media


  1. Mobility (conducting operations in regions difficult to access)
  2. Efficiency investigations on the area of 20 km2 (300-400 measurement points) can be completed in two months:

    1 month data acquisition, 1 month processing, interpretation and delivery of a report

  3. Environmentally friendly technology - without explosives, chemicals and drilling

According to the results of the LFS method our company provides the following:

  • Maps of oil/gas accumulation zones, identified by LFS method
  • Identifying of oil and gas accumulation boundaries
  • Recommendations for further optimization of exploration and drilling

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