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FWL - Physical theory

Location of microseismic emission technique is well known in the world. It is based on phased array antenna technology which was originally used in radars for military purposes. There are several ways to realize this technique and the most common way is a diffraction stack method.

Our company implements much more informative method for seismic events location based on maximum likelihood method.

Full-Wave Location method (FWL) is based on estimation of seismic tensor components, which maximize likelihood function. For this is necessary to know useful signal (simulated responses from deep source).

Useful signal is a full-wave process registered on three components on observation points located at the surface. The responses are calculated by 3D numerical simulation of wave processes in viscoelastic media. Numerical model is created using information from structural maps and VSP data.

Source of the wave process is the force applied to nodes around the point of visualization in directions determined by components of the seismic moment tensor. This approach allows the best way to locate, identify the type of event and its characteristics in case of low signal / noise ratio at the receiving channels.

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