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Full-wave Location Method (FWL)

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Our company provides a full cycle of microseismic emission monitoring surveys. This technology can be used to solve both the geological and technological challenges such as hydraulic fracture monitoring.


  • Hydraulic fracture monitoring (HFM)

    - to assess dynamics, dominant direction of fractures and estimate zones of proppant penetration. Field surveys are conducted from daylight surface, without lowering the equipment into neighboring wells

  • Natural fractures network mapping

    - to identify zones of active fracturing and determine the orientation of faults/fractures

  • Identification of anomalous objects in geological media

    - to improve the efficiency and safety of technological operations during the drilling, workover, well abandonment and monitoring of abandoned wells

  • Monitoring of fluid injection into reservoir

    - to determine fluid migration paths

Main stages of FWL method:

Main stages of FWL method

Hydraulic fracture monitoring is performed using our own technique of microseismic sources location based on maximum likelihood method. This method is theoretically the most accurate and noise immune among all known approaches.

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