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  • First project of hydraulic fracture monitoring in open horizontal wellbore
  • Development of Full-wave Location method (FWL), based on 3D full-wave numerical simulations and maximum likelihood method.
  • Scientific Center of CJSC "Gradient" have received the status of Skolkovo resident.


  • LFS technology was presented at the exhibition of best innovative projects in the Republic of Tatarstan. President of Tatarstan Republic highly appreciated the achievements and suggested actively implement the technology for oil industry
  • Projects of hydraulic fracture monitoring for Tatneft
  • Application of 3D numerical simulations for solving geological challenges at gas fields
  • First project of reservoir monitoring


  • NVIDIA appreciated successful use of GPU computing in our company
  • Our company won "Start of innovations" award at the "50 best innovative ideas for Tatarstan" competition
  • Expanding the geography of operations: microseismic surveys in the Khanty-Mansi, Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District and Perm region
  • A new milestone in the development of "NSZProfessional" software system of microseismic signals processing
  • Pilot projects of hydraulic fracture monitoring


  • Full-wave numerical simulations on graphics processor significantly reduced the computation times
  • Development of software for 3D numerical simulations
  • Passed the certification for compliance with ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 in relation to geological and geophysical surveys


  • International seminar with the participation of Spectraseis, ANCHAR, IPE RAS, Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas etc.
  • Development of software system to expedite the processing of microseismic data. All resource intensive calculations are performed on the application server, which actively uses distributed computing
  • Participation in International Petroleum Technology Conference (IPTC) Doha, Qatar


  • Implementation of 2D numerical simulation of wave propagation
  • Development and implementation of automated methods for noise filtering and subsequent signal processing


  • Expanding the geography of operations outside the Republic of Tatarstan. Surveys in Republic of Komi, the Republic of Udmurtia, Republic of Kalmykia, Orenburg region and Samara Region
  • Development of software for 2D numerical simulation of microseismic wave propagation in geological media


  • Completed the surveys in cooperation with Chebotarev Research Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics. These surveys covered 8 areas with proven oil-bearing capacity
  • Survey results were presented at the EAGE conference in Saint Petersburg - «The analysis of microseisms spectrum at prospecting of oil reservoir on Republic Tatarstan» E.V. Birialtsev, I.N. Plotnikova, I.R. Khabibulin, N.Y. Shabalin


  • Series of experimental surveys on the territory of the Tatarstan Republic, Russia
  • Development of the first software for microseismic data processing
  • Studying of the effect; gathering of statistics
  • Proposed a hypothesis about the resonance source of anomalies in spectra over the hydrocarbon deposits
  • First published article "Specifics of the interpretation of spectral features of natural microseisms for local forecast of oil bearing capacity in the Republic of Tatarstan" (E.V. Biryaltsev, V.A. Ryzhov, N.Y. Shabalin)


  • First LFS experimental studies confirmed the difference of spectral shapes over oil and gas deposits and beyond.
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